Huatsup Guys,

I havent been posting much lately, and a lots of things has been going on recently. There is few good news, first I’ve finally completed my MArch (Master of Architecture) course in University Malaya. Thanks god, it was tough and intense. I think I did the very best that I could, pouring all the efforts, sweat and tears and most importantly no regrets till the end.

Lets do some recap, We completed our final presentation, and I’ve done everything with my capabilities to make my board as fancy as possible. I’ve brought 3d printed models, site models, progress models, mockups and ofc my fancy video animation. Some might think I’ve gone overboard with too many stuffs added on my final presentation, but this is what I’ve produced the past 2 semesters, the testament of my final thesis.

I’m not going to continue any further education after this, I dont think I will do PHd but who knows in the future right?. The juries comments was delighted with my final presentation, only some parts on the urbans and materials for the design. Nevertheless, I guess it is a success. I think yeah I think. Moving on, we have portfolio review week, which going to to be another hurdles to be faced. Everyone going to upgrade their boards to improve their marks, but for me I dont feel like upgrading anything since, I’ve spend so much for finale. I’m just going to stick with what I have done. So be it! haha.

On the portfolio review day, seems everything gone smooth but Tutor told me there is room for improvements in the future, but I’m okay, not gonna update anything. I’m done, burnout and had enough of all this. Frankly speaking, I’ve been enduring the past like say 3 months spending hours to polish my final presentation, not gonna lie but I;ve been sitting on my chair everyday for abt more than 10 hours per day. At some point my back hurts a lot, but thats what I did to the extent of going for the best output as possible.

I’m not doing it to best everyone in the class, or proving anything to anyone. It just the sense of sanctification of completing the task at your maximum capabilities. Remember do it with no regrets at the end. So, In the end, the Ranked 1 is under my name. Not gonna lie, I’m happy but nothing to be proud of, I know my weakness at some parts and some of my friends did better on that particular part.

Sometimes I do think I didn’t deserve the ranked 1 spot, there is even a better people than me. Ive been at the bottom (our Sem1 Masterplan group project is bottom pack), now I’m at the top, but you know the take? The learning process. It gives u meaning to grow more and learn more.

Not about rankings, rep, or honors, just how do u receive it and reflect on the situation. Whenever u down, do you take the sword and fight, or you just gave up or just accept the fate that you’re less good than others? No, everyone has its on strength (this is what I believe).

Ive listen to (I’m not good as you, I cant think better, or some blame the lecturer or etc.) but everything has to come from yourself first, you decide, you do, you take action! and you are in control of yourself. If you think you;re Less good- seek for advices, dont just stand there and do nothing, nothing going to move if you don’t move yourself. So that’s what my inner self told me all the time. And here am I now, looking forward to whatever up ahead. To whoever sticks with me till today, I appreciate it, and thank you for being part of this journey.



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