Sup Ningen,

Trip planning was a breeze, thanks to countless hours of research and preparation. Armed with a small backpack stuffed to the brim with essentials – from camera gear to medications, and of course, the all-important passport – I was ready to embark on my solo adventure from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo in 2016. But hey, don’t forget the snacks; a journey without nibbles is like sushi without wasabi!

My gears and preps, not much but just nice!

All in and ready, lets go!

Bright and early, I hopped on the KLIA Express train from KL Sentral, zipping through the city to reach the airport with time to spare. After breezing through check-in and dropping off my luggage (small victories, right?), I treated myself to a leisurely lunch, because why not indulge before takeoff? Even though I had pre-booked in-flight meals, a bit of extra fuel never hurt anybody.

KFC quick chicken

OTW to Departure hall

Pretty empty

Ah, AirAsia😒 – my trusty steed for this journey. With a ticket snagged during one of their infamous sales (It was just RM680), I was jetting off to Japan for a steal. The excitement of returning to this enchanting country never wanes, no matter how many times I’ve been. As luck would have it, the flight was relatively empty, affording me the luxury of stretching out across two seats – a poor man’s premium flatbed, if you will.

Happy Boi, nobody sittin next to meh

Mid-flight, the stewardess handed out the obligatory Japanese customs forms, prompting a mad scramble for pens. Pro tip: always carry a spare! After a brief stint of form-filling, it was time for sustenance. Nasi lemak at 30,000 feet? Don’t mind if I do. And don’t worry, I stashed it away for later; KFC at the airport had me covered for the time being.

Your little writing exercise at 30,000 ft

With seven hours to kill, entertainment was key. Enter my trusty companions: PSVita and iPad, ready to battle boredom with a slew of movies and games. As we descended into Haneda amidst a drizzle, I couldn’t help but marvel at Japan’s springtime charm, even in the rain. A quick pit stop at the airport to pick up my rental pocket WiFi – courtesy of Pupuru, a true travel lifesaver – and I was ready to hit the ground running.

Airport sleeping spot

Outside is still drizzling

Morning broke, and I hopped on a train bound for downtown Tokyo. Tokyo Station, with its mesmerizing architecture, beckoned me for a quick stroll before venturing to Myogadani station, my home base for the trip. Nestled in Bunkyo City, this neighborhood stole my heart with its quaint parks, charming shrines, and friendly locals. And let’s not forget the convenience store pit stops – because what’s a Japanese adventure without an onigiri fix?

Sight of tokyo tower (not in bunkyo)

Bunkyo streets

Parks around

My room in bunkyo

As the sun dipped below the skyline, I wandered the streets of Bunkyo, soaking in the atmosphere and mentally bookmarking spots for future exploration. There’s something exhilarating about traversing the world solo, fueled by nothing but wanderlust and budget-friendly flight deals. So, until the next chapter of my Japanese escapades, stay tuned for more tales from the land of the rising sun!

Signing off,

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